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The Band

Stannary Brass Band is a non-competing band which welcomes players of all abilities; our band members come from many different playing backgrounds and some of them describe in their own words how they found their way into the band and what playing means to them. 

      "Playing Trombone had been an ambition since about the age of eight but it was always put on hold and only became a reality as a retirement project."


 " It's a great pastime, enjoyed by a real cross section of individuals who join a team and become new friends."

 “ A really welcoming group of people, such a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction when it goes right!”

     "I encouraged my child to play, went with them to training band and then I was encouraged to stay & learn. My child then went off to university, now married I now hope to introduce my grandchildren to the great pastime of playing with a brass band."

     "I joined Stannary Brass training band who taught me to read music and how to play, then it was practice and practice to progress to the main band." 

     "I continue to play with Stannary Brass main band and now also with two other bands which is my way of getting the many lost playing years into the years that remain! "

Family Affair

Several of our band members started playing when their children were learning. Come and share a hobby with your family!

If you would like to make music with us but aren’t sure if the band is right for you please come along on Wednesday evening either for our Training Band or for main band rehearsals. If you’ve never played a brass instrument but would like to try then our Beginners Group could be for you.

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